Adding an AWS Cloud Account

Many aspects of connecting to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account has been automated by Save On Clouds so that you do not have to get involved in the somewhat confusing details.

Upon signing up with Save On Clouds, we prepare a Cloud Formation Script, specifically for you, so that you can use the script to connect to Save On Clouds.

Obviously the first step is to logging to Save On Clouds. Then click on “Cloud Accounts” on the (left side) main menu. This will take you to “View and Manage Cloud Accounts” page.

To add an AWS account, click on the AWS button.

This will bring up the Add AWS Account window. This window already does include the steps you need to take in order to connect to your AWS account, however if you need further details, click on the ? button on the top right corner of the screen. By doing so you will be redirected to the help page, which is this page which you are reading already!

All you need now is your tailored Cloud Formation script. You can do one of the below:

  • Click on the link and download the script.
  • Click on the green button next to the link and copy the link to the Clip Board.
This is the Copy To Clipboard button!

Next, head to AWS Console and then go to Cloud Formation Service.

It does not matter which region you are in!

In Cloud Formation page, click on “Create Stack” (with new resources).

If you have downloaded the Cloud Formation template (.yml file) , choose “Upload a template file” option, then upload your template .yml file.

If you have copied the template URL in the Clip Board, choose Amazon S3 URL option, then paste the link in the URL box.

Then click on Next, and provide a name for the stack.

We suggest that you begin your stack name with “save-on-clouds” so you know what this is later!

Then click on Next twice again.

At the bottom of the final page, in the Capabilities section, check the checkbox that is about acknowledging that you will create an IAM role.

And finally, click on Create Stack.

Creating the stack will take about one to two minutes. Wait until you see the green “Creation Completed” status.

Once the Cloud Formation Stack is created, go to “Outputs” tab, where you can see the ARN of the IAM role that has just been created.

Click the value (which begins with arn:aws:) to the ClipBoard.

Now go back to Save On Clouds, and:

  • Enter a name for your Cloud Account.
  • Paste the ARN in the “IAM Role Arn” box.
  • Click on Test Connection button.
  • Click on Create Account button.

You are done!

Once you add an account, Save On Clouds begins to fetch your cloud resources immediately. This will take around 30 seconds to 1 minutes depending on the number of resources you have (and how fast AWS responds!).

Wait for a minute then head to “Cloud Resources” page to view and mange your cloud resources.

Happy saving!