Adding an AWS Cloud Account

To connect your AWS account to Save On Clouds, we’re going to use a pre-generated CloudFormation script to create an IAM role which Save On Clouds will use to manage your resources.

First, head to the ‘Cloud Accounts’ page in Save On Clouds, and click the ‘+ AWS’ logo.

Copy the link to the CloudFormation script provided, then head to your AWS account.

In your AWS account, go to CloudFormation, and select ‘Create stack’ > ‘With new resources’.

Paste the CloudFormation script link you copied earlier into the field marked ‘Amazon S3 URL’, then hit ‘Next’.

Enter a stack name, we recommend ‘SaveOnClouds’. Leave all other options as default.

Tick the box acknowledging that CloudFormation will create IAM resources with custom names, then select ‘Create stack’.

Navigate to the ‘Outputs’ tab of your new CloudFormation stack. Copy the RoleARN under the ‘Value’ header. This is what Save On Clouds will use to communicate with your AWS account.

Head back to Save On Clouds, choose an account name, and paste your ARN into the field marked ‘IAM Role ARN’. Hit ‘Test Connection’, and if everything looks good, hit ‘Create Account’!

In a few minutes, your AWS resources will appear under ‘Cloud Resources’, where you can manage their state and assign them to schedules to start saving.