Azure AKS Cost Optimization

Microsoft Azure has introduced a Container Services Calculator to calculate the estimated cost of resource consumption and consumption. AKS is a free container service where you do not have to pay anything for the cluster management of Kubernetes. You must pay to ensure that the resources you consume are used cost-effectively and efficiently, and not […]

AWS Cost Optimization

Cost optimization is a pillar of AWS’s well-structured framework, and our vision is to leverage machine learning to help you navigate the cloud, especially in terms of capacity and cost. Due to the lack of consulting talent, complexity analysis tools to optimize costs exist only for top companies that spend more than $10,000 per month, […]

Four Cost-Saving Tips for EC2 Instances in Amazon Web Services

With Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, and Facebook ranking as some of its most-spending customers, Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest and most robust cloud computing platform. In addition to these high-profile customers, the platform has more than a million other customers. Amazon Web Services is popular for several reasons. The most prominent of these benefits […]