Integration with Google Chat Hangout

Save On Clouds can send notifications to Google Chat Rooms via Webhooks. In order to receive notifications, firstly you need to create a room. Once the room is created, make sure you are in the room. Then expand the drop-down menu on the top of the screen and click on “Configure Webhooks” option. Provide a […]

Integration with PagerDuty

Save On Clouds can send notifications to PagerDuty via Wormly Webhooks plugin. If you have not installed the Wormly Webhooks integration upon creating your PagerDuty account, you can install it via Configuration / Integrations menu within your PagerDuty dashboard. Notifications will be sent to a Service via an associated Integration. In order to activate the […]


Using Schedules you can stop and start your Cloud Resources at specific times. After creating a Schedule you can attach it to: A single Cloud Resource such as a virtual machine (e.g. AWS EC2) An Environment We recommend that you create Environments and then attach the schedules to the environments, rather than attaching them to […]

Cloud Resources

Save On Clouds enables you to take control of your cloud usage and minimise the cost of running a platform on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. At the moment Save On Clouds can help you reduce your costs by optimising the utilization of the below resource types: Virtual Machines. e.g. AWS EC2 instances. Databases […]

Creating a Service Account to Acces Google Cloud

Creating a service account in Google and setting up a Google Cloud account in Save On Clouds is a breeze. To start, log in to the Google Cloud Console via You must login to Google Cloud console with a user that has permissions for creating Service Accounts and granting the below roles: * Compute […]