Creating a Service Account to Acces Google Cloud

Creating a service account in Google and setting up a Google Cloud account in Save On Clouds is a breeze.

To start, log in to the Google Cloud Console via

You must login to Google Cloud console with a user that has permissions for creating Service Accounts and granting the below roles:

* Compute Admin

* SQL Admin

Once logged in to the console, expand the drop-down menu which is located on the top-left corner of the console next to Google Cloud API log. Clicking on the down arrow will display the Projects windows.

Your resources, including the virtual machines and SQL databases reside in a project. If you already have a project you just need to write down its Project Id. Otherwise, click on the “New Project” button in the Projects window to create a new project.

Creating a new project is as easy and entering a name and optionally choosing an organisational unit.

Once the proejct is created and is ready, make sure your newly created project is selected and you are within that project. Then from the left pane, choose the Service Accounts tab

Then click on the “+ Create Service Account” menu. Your service account must have the below two roles attached to it:

  • SQL Admin
  • Instance Admin

Click Next until you see the “Create Key” button. Click on Create Key button and choose Json for the key type. This will generate a key for your project and downloads it on your computer as a JSON file.

Make sure you keep this .The JSON file is safe as it includes information by which others can access your cloud resources.

Head back to Save On Clouds website and login to your account. Add a Google Cloud account and enter the below:

  • Name for your account
  • Project Id
  • Body of the Key JSON file. Open your JSON file in a text editor, copy its content to the clipboard, then paste it in the box provided.
  • Click on Save

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