Adding a GCP Cloud Account

To connect Save On Clouds to your GCP project, we’re going to create a service account, which Save On Clouds will use to manage the resources in your project. If you have multiple projects, you will require a connection in Save On Clouds for each.


To create a service account in GCP, and assign IAM roles to it, you will require the following role:


See this documentation for more information. If you do not have this role, contact your administrator before continuing.

Create a service account

Within your project, navigate to ‘IAM and Admin’ > ‘Service Accounts’.

Select ‘Create service account’ and give it a name, we recommend ‘Save On Clouds’. Select ‘Create and continue’.

Add the following roles to the service account:

  • Compute Instance Admin (v1)
  • Cloud SQL Admin

Then hit ‘Done’.

Select your newly created service account, and navigate to the ‘Keys’ tab. Select ‘Add key’ > ‘Create new key’.

Create a key of type JSON, and download the file as prompted. The contents of this file are what you’ll enter into Save On Clouds, to allow it to manage the resources in your project.

Connect to Save On Clouds

Head back to Save On Clouds, navigate to Cloud Accounts, and select the ‘+ GCP’ logo. Enter a name for this account, and copy the contents of the file you just downloaded into the field provided.

Hit ‘Test Connection’, and if everything looks good, hit ‘Create Account’.

The resources in your GCP project should appear on the ‘Cloud Resources’ page in a few minutes, and you’re ready to start saving.