Four Cost-Saving Tips for EC2 Instances in Amazon Web Services

With Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, and Facebook ranking as some of its most-spending customers, Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest and most robust cloud computing platform. In addition to these high-profile customers, the platform has more than a million other customers.

Amazon Web Services is popular for several reasons. The most prominent of these benefits is cost-efficiency. The platform can save you so much money when compared to the cost of using traditional physical solutions. There is a possibility of even saving more from your AWS investment through the (Elastic Computer Cloud) EC2 instances. Here are tips that can help you achieve that:

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Pick the Right Size EC2 Instance

Getting it right from the beginning is key to keeping your cost down. You need to have a pretty good idea of the size of CPU, memory, storage, or networking you need. You can do this by analyzing your organization and identifying what you need AWS for. After this, pick the right size of EC2 instance. You can adapt if your need goes up.

Consider Reserved or Spot Pricing

On-demand pricing is the most expensive behind dedicated hosts. You don’t have any business with it if you understand your cloud-computing needs. After choosing the right size of ECS instances, according to your needs, consider using reserved pricing for the first few years. If you understand your needs perfectly and want to set a price ceiling for what you are willing to pay for, spot pricing may be the best option for you.

Use AWS Cost Explorer to Your Advantage 

There are several things the AWS Cost Explorer can do for you. You can use it to keep track of cost drivers and usage trends. To significantly reduce cost, you can use the Cost Explorer Resource Optimization to get a report of EC2 instances that are idle or have low utilization. You can either stop or downsize these instances to reduce costs.

Terminate Instances That Are Not Being Used

This is most useful to on-demand customers. Knowing that your usage is critical to getting the full value from your investment, there is no need to keep instances that are not being used or even the ones that are not being used to their full potentials. You also need to understand your needs perfectly before you can benefit from this strategy.

There you have it! Above are some cost-saving tips for EC2 instances in Amazon Web Services. Compared to other cloud-computing solutions, Amazon Web Services offers you great potentials for saving cost. You can save further if you understand what you need and how to choose your services. In addition to the tips above, you can review or modify EC2 Auto Scaling Group configuration, use CloudWatch, Trusted Advisor, and EC2 Spot Instances to reduce EC2 costs further. You can also get AWS training on how to maximize your AWS investment if you feel you need it.