Integration with PagerDuty

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Save On Clouds can send notifications to PagerDuty via Wormly Webhooks plugin.

If you have not installed the Wormly Webhooks integration upon creating your PagerDuty account, you can install it via Configuration / Integrations menu within your PagerDuty dashboard.

Notifications will be sent to a Service via an associated Integration. In order to activate the Wormly Webhook on a service, go to the Service Directory (/service-directory) and click on the name of an existing Service.

Each Service can entail one or more integrations. In order to receive notifications from Save On Clouds, add a new integration and from the drop-down list, choose Wormly Webhooks.

Once the integration is added successfully by clicking on “Add Integration” , Pager Duty will provide you with an Integration Url:

Integration Url is what you need to put in your Save On Cloud’s “Notification” page (under your profile).

Simply go to your profile and choose “Notifications”. Then add a notification of type PagerDuty and in the address field, paste the Integration URL that you have been given by PagerDuty.

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