When working on the pricing model for Save On Clouds services we had several things in mind:

  • Simple pricing model
  • No hidden costs for the customers
  • Affordable cost
  • Real savings for the end-users

This is, in fact, one of the areas that we beat our competitors: We work on to bring you real savings and not move the money you save on your cloud costs into our own bank account!

Not only we offer a very simple pricing model but also we try to change our paying customers as low as possible. Especially that we do not charge for how many users and teams you want to have. We do not even charge our clients for the number of cloud accounts e.g. AWS accounts, that they add to the system!

Basically, we only offer one price tier! And that price is cheap!

Once a user signs up, they can create as many users, groups and environments as they wish. They can also add as many cloud accounts as they would like to. We currently support Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The system will manage these resources:

  • Virtual Machines e.g. AWS EC2
  • Databases e.g. Google Cloud SQL Service
  • Scaling Groups e.g. AWS Auto Scaling Groups

Each database instance is 1 instance. No matter how many databases you have within the instance.

Likewise, each virtual machine that is not part of a scaling group (or managed instance group as Google calls it) is also counted as 1 instance.

However, we do not count the instances that have been launched by a scaling group.

Please consider this scenario:

You have one Auto Scaling Group in AWS

This Auto Scaling Group is set to have 5 instances.

At the end of each day, this ASG is set to 0 by Cloud Services and instances are terminated.

Over a period of a month, you have launched and terminated 150 instances!

In this scenario, will not charge you for 150 instances. Instead, we use this formula:

  • We find the maximum number of instances that have ever been launched by the auto-scaling group. In this case, it is 5.
  • We will charge you for only five instances and not 150 instances!

Each instance stop/termination will cost the end-users USD 2.99.

This is by far cheaper than any other competitors.

If you have 5 instances, your metered cost will be:

2.99 * 5 = USD 14.95

This amount is exclusive of tax. The total billed amount will include 10% VAT as well. So your final monthly bill will be:

USD 16.50 (Sixteen dollars and fifty cents).

Save On Clouds comes with 7 days of free trialling. When your trial period ends we will not remove any of your created groups, users, environments etc. This will enable you to activate your premium membership at any time without having to re-create everything again.

Billing occurs every 30 days after your trial membership ends. For example, if you sign up on the 1st of January, your trial membership will end on 8 of January. Then 30 days after, which is 7th February, we will charged your on-file credit card.

Once you are billed, you will receive an invoice via your registered email address. Invoices include details of how your usage has been metered.

If you have any questions regarding the billing, please write to us. Our email address is