Set up Microsoft Teams notifications

Microsoft Teams Logo

This guide will explain how to set up Save On Clouds to send event notifications to Microsoft Teams. We’ll do this by adding an incoming webhook to your Teams channel and sharing this with Save On Clouds.

First, head to the Teams channel you’d like to send Save On Clouds notifications to. Find the ellipsis in the top left corner of the app, and from the drop-down list select ‘Connectors’.

Find ‘Incoming Webhook’, and select ‘Configure’.

Enter a name and image for this webhook – this is what will appear in your channel. When ready, select ‘Create’.

Copy the URL provided. This is the value we’ll enter into Save On Clouds to complete the integration.

Head back to Save On Clouds and navigate to the notifications page. Click on the Microsoft Teams logo and fill out the fields provided, entering the value you copied before into the field marked ‘Endpoint address’. Select which events you’d like to receive notifications for.

Events in Save On Clouds will now post notifications to your Microsoft Teams channel.