Set up PagerDuty notifications

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This guide will explain how to set up SaveOnClouds to send event notifications to PagerDuty.

First, select the service in PagerDuty that you want to send notifications to.

On the page for this service, select ‘Integrations’.

Next, click ‘Add another integration’.

Select ‘Events API V2’, then click ‘Add’.

On the integrations page, open the drop-down menu under the newly added ‘Events API V2’. Take note of the ‘Integration Key’, this is the value you’ll use to connect this service to Save On Clouds.

Navigate back to the Save On Clouds notifications page, select ‘PagerDuty’, and enter this value in the field marked ‘Integration key’. Select who on your team will own this notification, choose when you want to be notified, give it a name, and hit save!

Events in SaveOnClouds will now trigger alerts in your PagerDuty service.