Set up Slack notifications

Slack Logo

This guide will explain how to set up Save On Clouds to send event notifications to Slack. We’ll do this by creating a Slack App, adding a webhook, and entering this webhook in Save On Clouds.

First, head to your Slack Apps page and select ‘Create New App’.

Select ‘From Scratch’, enter a name for your app (such as ‘Save On Clouds Notifications’), select a workspace to create your app in, and hit ‘Create App’.

Next, under ‘Basic Information’, open ‘Add features and functionality’. Select ‘Incoming Webhooks’.

Toggle incoming webhooks to ‘On’, then select ‘Add New Webhook to Workspace’. Take note of the Webhook URL as shown below, this is the value we’ll enter into Save On Clouds to complete the integration.

Head back to Save On Clouds, go to ‘Notifications’, select the Slack icon, and enter the value you’ve just saved into the field marked ‘Endpoint address’. Add a name and select the events you’d like to receive notifications for.

Events in Save On Clouds will now post notifications to your Slack channel.